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October 2, 2002

Warm Greetings to you all ~ My newest poem is a visual delight with the rich earth tones of autumn in a beautiful painting by Mary Deutschman. It's called "The Journey". Relax and enjoy!

The Journey
The Journey


Deja Vu or Maybe New ~ The power of words to hurt or heal is evident in a poem I wrote called "Think of That". It has a very special dedication I hope you will read. ~ Why not take a few moments to settle back and share a few moments with me in a poem I called "You and I". It's about the end of a perfect day with someone special. ~ Come with me for a few moments to a beautiful meadow. "Of Thee I Sing" is about the beauty only God can make. Have a look!

Think of That
Think of That

You and I
You and I

Of Thee I Sing
Of Thee I Sing


Deb and Lynn's Spot ~

Deb's new pages....

My Second Chance
My Second Chance

Wishing You A Wonderful Autumn
Wishing You A Wonderful Autumn

Lynn's new pages....

Her Heart
Her Heart



Recipes from the Board ~ Here is a delightful sampling of some of the fantastic recipes you'll find on the Lasting Light Poetry Message Board. You can always find some inspiration, culinary and otherwise there. Ladies and gents...let's cook!

~~ Mrs. Fields Carrot Cake ~ Posted by Karen

2 1/2 c All-purpose flour
2 tb Baking soda
1/4 tsp Salt
2 tsp Cinnamon
1 c Light brown sugar, packed
1 c White sugar
1 1/2 c Butter, softened
3 lg Eggs
2 tsp Pure vanilla extract
3 c Grated carrots
1/2 c Crushed pineapple, drained
1 c (6-oz.) raisins
1 c (4-oz.) chopped walnuts

16 oz Cream cheese, softened
1/2 c Salted butter, softened
1 tb Fresh lemon juice (about 1 large lemon)
2 tsp Pure vanilla extract
3 c Confectioner's sugar

Preheat oven to 350-degrees. Grease and flour two 9-inch cake pans. In a large bowl stir together flour, baking soda, salt, cinnamon and sugars. Add butter, one egg and vanilla; blend with electric mixer on low speed. Increase speed to medium and beat for 2 minutes. Scrape down sides of bowl. And remaining eggs, one at a time, beating 30 seconds after each addition. Add carrots, pineapple, raisins and walnuts. Blend on low until thoroughly combined. Pour batter into prepared pans and smooth the surface with a rubber spatula. Bake in center of oven for 60-70 minutes. Toothpick inserted into center should come out clean. Cool in pans for 10 minutes. Then invert cakes on rack and cool to room temperature.

PREPARE ICING: On a medium bowl with electric mixer on medium speed, beat cream cheese and butter until smooth add lemon juice and vanilla; beat until combined. Add sugar gradually, mixing on low until smooth.

ICE THE CARROT CAKE: Place one layer on a cake platter, and with a metal spatula spread icing over the top to form a thin filling. Place second layer over the first, rounded side up. Coat the top and sides of the cake evenly with remaining icing. Refrigerate 1 hour to set icing.

(Note: This cake will knock your socks off! It's absolutely delicious and worth the effort.)


~~ Impossible Mushroom Pie ~ Posted by Marge

1 tb Butter
1 tb Oil
2 c Mushrooms; sliced
1/2 c Green onions; chopped
1 c Swiss cheese; shredded
1 ts Tarragon; dried
3/4 c Bisquick or baking mix
1/4 ts Salt
3 Eggs
Tomato slices or wedges;opt
Parsley; opt

Preheat oven 400 degrees F. Heat butter and oil in large fry pan. Toss in mushrooms and cook over medium-high heat for 4 to 5 minutes. Season. Spread mushrooms, green onions, cheese and tarragon in bottom of greased 10 inch pie plate. Beat remaining ingredients 15 seconds in blender or 1 minute with hand beater till smooth and pour over vegetable mixture. Bake in preheated F 400 oven for 30 to 35 minutes or till top is golden and pie is cooked. Let stand 5 minutes before serving. Garnish with tomato and parsley.


~~ Scotch Eggs

This is a beautiful and delicious dish for any occasion.

1 pound bulk pork sausage
6 hard cooked eggs
1 cup fine dry bread crumbs, purchased or home made, plain or seasoned
1 egg
1 tablespoon water
1 teaspoon prepared mustard

2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons flour
salt and pepper to taste
1 teaspoon chopped parsley
1 to 1 1/4 cups half-and-half
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

On a sheet of waxed paper, divide sausage into 6 equal portions; wrap 1 portion around each egg. Roll each wrapped egg in bread crumbs. Beat egg with mustard and water; dip sausage-wrapped eggs in beaten egg mixture. Roll in bread crumbs again; place on a rack in a shallow baking dish. Bake at 400 degrees for about 35 minutes or until browned, turning once during baking. Cut into halves lengthwise; serve hot with Dijon sauce or sauce of your choice. Serves 6.

Dijon Sauce: In a small saucepan over medium-low heat, melt butter. Whisk in flour; cook for about 1 minute, whisking constantly, until smooth and bubbling. Add seasonings, then add 1 cup of half-and-half a little at a time. Continue whisking until thickened; add more half-and-half until desired consistency is reached. Whisk in mustard; serve over Scotch eggs, vegetables, or fried fish. Makes 1 to 1 1/2 cups.

(Note: This is a classic Scottish recipe. It's also delicious!)


~~ Grandmother’s Ladyfinger Cake ~ Posted by Beatrice

2 pkgs. chocolate bits
3 tbs. black ground coffee
6 eggs – separated
1 pt. whipped cream (for cake)
1 cup whipped cream (for topping)
3 pkgs. ladyfingers (for 2 layers)
1/4 cup chocolate shavings
1/4 cup chopped nuts (if desired)

Melt chocolate bits in double boiler (or in a microwave-safe bowl) – add coffee – add egg yokes one at a time, stirring constantly. When well beaten, remove from heat and cool thoroughly. Add whipped cream and beaten egg whites.

Line the bottom and sides of spring form pan with 2 pkgs. of ladyfingers and add half of the chocolate mixture. Use the 3rd pkg. of ladyfingers to make a layer base for the rest of the chocolate mixture.

Cover the chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkle with chocolate shavings and nuts (if desired).

(Note: Here is a rich and elegant dessert to dazzle your family and guests!)


Lasting Light Message Board
Message Board

Lasting Light Newsletter Archive
Lasting Light Newsletter Archive


Note from Karen ~ Strong breezes were blowing today as we greeted October where I live. The leaves are just starting to drop and scatter. It's time to add another blanket to the bed! I hope things are going well with you, and you are enjoying the new season. ~ Thank you for your letters of encouragement and your guestbook signings. I deeply appreciate those of you who had time to vote for Lasting Light Poetry, and hope you will do so again. It merely helps to keep it more visible. ~ Please remember to reach out to someone who needs a helping hand or a kind ear to listen. We all need each other. Shine on, my friends....Karen


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Inspiration from the Board ~ I'd like to share this lovely poem by J.D. "Flipper" Harper...which speaks of one of the joys of life....helping others......


As we pass through life's narrow way
We should try to help someone every day.
We do not know what life has here for us
So we should do all we can without a fuss.
When our turn for help comes around
By helping others in our past we are found.
Remember, the one they pass may be your child
And this would surely drive you wild.
It could also be someone very special to you
And we know that there are only truly a few.
As you think of this and take in a deep sigh
I know you surely wouldn't want them to die.
So you need to help others from the heart
And this way you would have done your part.
Sometimes we see things not enjoyable to see,
But remember that next time it could be you or me.
Remember to do it with a heart of love
And you will be rewarded from above.
By doing this every day,
You become stronger in every way!

By: J.D. "Flipper" Harper



Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see the beauty, believe in them and try to follow where they lead.
-Louisa May Alcott

That Love is all there is,
Is all we know of Love.
-Emily Dickinson

In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.
-Janos Arany

"Failure is taking the path that everyone else does, success is making your own path."...

Confidence comes not from always being right, but from not fearing to be wrong

This is courage in a man:
to bear unflinchingly what heaven sends.
* Euripedes

It is an easy thing for one whose foot
is on the outside of calamity
to give advice and to rebuke the sufferer.
* Aeschylus


Until next time...share a smile !!




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