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June 12, 2002

Welcome Back! I don't have a brand new poem this time, but I do have some I wish to share. First up is "The Powers That Be" which I wrote in honor of all those working men who do what it takes to take care of those they love. ~ The next poem, "Time" is definitely about my love of music and the ocean. Take a little break and share this with me. The last poem is called "Gratitude", and is a simple poem with a lovely song "You Are Not Alone". I'm grateful to have this time with you. Have a look!

The Powers That Be
The Powers That Be




Deb & Lynn's Spot~ no new pages this time, but they'd like to invite you to check out their personal websites.....

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Inspiring poems and stories, greeting cards and a picture tour through Scotland.
Wee Inspirations

Inspirational Gatherings - Lynn's website
A gathering of inspiring poems, postcards, angel poems, living with depression and more.
Inspirational Gatherings


Recipes From The Board ~ Oh my, there are so many fantastic recipes posted on Lasting Light Message Board it was hard to choose just a few to share. We have some excellent cooks sharing some fantastic food, thoughts, and helpful hints. Let's cook!

~~ Burger King Big King ~ Posted by Todd

1/4 cup mayonnaise
2 teaspoons French dressing
2 teaspoons sweet pickle relish
1 teaspoon white vinegar
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon lemon juice
1/8 teaspoon paprika

4 sesame seed hamburger buns
1 1/2 pounds ground beef
dash salt
dash pepper
8 slices American cheese
1 1/3 cups chopped lettuce
1-2 slices white onion, separated
8 dill pickle slices

1. Prepare the spread by combining the ingredients in a small bowl. Set this aside until you are ready to use it.
2. Preheat your barbecue or indoor grill to high heat.
3. Divide the ground beef into 8 even portions (3 ounces each). Roll each portion into a ball, then press each ball flat to form a patty about the same diameter as the bun.
4. Grill the beef patties for 2-3 minutes per side, or until done. Lightly salt and pepper each side of the patties.
5. As the meat cooks, brown the faces of the buns in a hot skillet, toaster oven or face-down on the grill. Watch the buns closely so that they do not burn.
6. Build each burger by first spreading a tablespoon of the spread on the face of the top bun. Arrange about 1/3 cup of lettuce evenly over the spread.
7. On the bottom bun stack a patty, then a slice of American cheese, another patty, and another slice of cheese.
8. On the top slice of cheese arrange 2-3 separated onion slices (rings), then 2 pickle slices.
9. Turn the top part of the burger over onto the bottom and serve. You may also want to zap the sandwiches in the microwave, individually, for 15-20 seconds each.

(Note from Karen : Wow! This is definitely NOT your average burger. I'm thinking it's time for a serious hamburger. Thanks, Todd.)


~~ Low-Fat Caesar Salad ~ Posted by Beatrice

My family loves Caesar salad and we have come to serve it pretty regularly. It's not often my kids enjoy salad, and this just happens to be one they love. The problem is... we know it's high in fat, but it's just so good! So I've been searching for a lighter version and here's what I found... it sounds delicious!

1/4 c. Parmesan cheese, grated
1/4 c. fat-free mayonnaise
1/4 c. water
2 T. lemon juice
1/2 tsp. anchovy paste
1/2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
1/4 tsp. ground pepper
1/8 tsp. dry mustard
2 garlic cloves, minced
4 (1-ounce) slices of French bread, cut into 3/4" cubes
8 c. Romaine lettuce, torn into bite-size pieces

* To make the dressing... combine first 9 ingredients together with a whisk, set aside.
* Bake bread cubes in pre-heated oven at 300 degrees for 15 minutes, or until toasted well.
* Toss lettuce and bread cubes together in a pretty serving bowl and add dressing. Toss salad just before serving, to coat lettuce leaves well.


~~ Buckeye Candy ~ Posted by Jessie F. Barnes

This is simple to make and oh sooooo YUMMY!!
It is to represent the worthless buckeye nut!

Mix together --- 1lb of powdered sugar
1 1/2 cup peanut butter {I used crunchy}
1 tsp. of vanilla
Mix well, softened butter will mix easier
While mixing put choc chips in a double broiler, and melt, I used 1 3/4 of 12oz bags and still had to throw in some choc almond bark to have enough melted choc.
Make mixture into small balls and dip in the melted choc, and place on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. I used an iced tea spoon to do the dipping with as it has a long handle. Then for the cap of the nut, I used powdered sugar frosting.
I took some samples to the gals at my bank and a friend at the post office they were a BIG HIT!!! They taste like Reeses peanut butter cups. YUMMY But they do need to be kept cool as the choc will melt. Enjoy


~~ Chicken Fiesta Casserole ~ Posted by Joni

1 tablespoon canola oil
6 chicken breast halves, cubed
1/2 cup chopped green pepper
1/2 cup chopped onion
3 cups chunky salsa
1 cup chicken broth
1 1/2 cup quick cooking rice
1 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese

Heat a large heavy skillet over medium high heat. Add the oil and chicken and saute until the chicken is lightly browned. Add the green pepper and onion and saute until the chicken is thoroughly cooked. Add the salsa and broth and bring to a boil. Stir in the rice and mix well. Toss the cheese on top of the dish, cover, and remove from the heat. Let rest for five minutes to cook the rice and serve hot.

Yield: 6 servings


I couldn't help but add one more recipe. I think any dad would love this on his special day!

~~ White Chocolate Berry Pie ~ Posted by Joni

5 squares (1 ounce each) white baking chocolate, divided
2 tablespoons milk
1 package (3 ounces) cream cheese, softened
1/3 cup confectioners' sugar
1 teaspoon grated orange peel
1 cup whipping cream, whipped
1 graham cracker crust (9 inches)
2 cups sliced fresh strawberries

In a microwave, melt four squares of chocolate with milk. Cool to room temperature.

Meanwhile, beat cream cheese and sugar in a small mixing bowl until smooth. Beat in orange peel and melted chocolate. Fold in whipped cream. Spread into crust. Arrange strawberries over top. Melt remaining chocolate; drizzle over strawberries.

Refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Store in refrigerator. Yield: 8 servings.


Note From Karen ~ Some of you might have noticed I've slowed down a little on the newsletters, and I may not get them out every single week this summer. I appreciate your patience with me, and I will have a new poem out the next time. My newsletters are archived on the website. You'll see a link on the first page. ~ I've had a few down days, but I guess it's because I'm missing my dad this Father's Day. I know many of you can relate to that. Those of you who have your dad or anyone who was like a dad to you....I hope you'll take time to do something special for him. It may be just a phone call. A hug and an "I love you" is always needed and quite in style. I'm listing one more poem here in tribute to my very beloved father titled "Never Forgotten". ~ If you haven't been by the Message Board at Lasting Light, I hope you'll spend some time there. It's a wonderful place to find just the right recipe or post one. There are also posts of comfort, poetry, and suggestions. ~ Thank you for your encouragement to me in the form of letters and guestbook signings. It really keeps me going. Be good to yourself, and thanks for being on this journey with me. Shine on..........Karen


Never Forgotten
Never Forgotten

Lasting Light Message Board
Message Board

Lasting Light Poetry
Lasting Light Poetry


Quotes ~

I watched a small man with thick calluses on both hands work fifteen and sixteen hours a day. I saw him once literally bleed from the bottoms of his feet, a man who came here uneducated, alone, unable to speak the language, who taught me all I needed to know about faith and hard work by the simple eloquence of his example.
-- Mario Cuomo

Be kind to thy father, for when thou wert young,
Who loved thee so fondly as he?
He caught the first accents that fell from thy tongue,
And joined in thy innocent glee.
-- Margaret Courtney

Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father!
-- Lydia M. Child

If, out of time, I could pick one moment and keep it shining, always new, of all the days that I have lived, I'd pick the moment I met you.
-- Unknown

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.
-- Woodrow Wilson

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.
-- Virginia Woolf

Let the stoics say what they please, we do not eat for the good of living, but because the meat is savory and the appetite is keen.
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson


For a Smile ~

Experience is that marvellous thing that enables you recognise a mistake when you make it again.
-- F. P. Jones

Just when I find the key to success, someone goes and changes all the locks.
-- Unknown

What goes around usually gets dizzy and falls over.
-- Unknown

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ See you next time. SHARE A SMILE!




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