Wondering why; a futile thing.
It steals my joy.
It leaves a sting.
For I cannot begin to know,
His ways, His thoughts, the ocean's flow.
The mystery of life itself
and if I knew it would not help.

For I am just a speck of sand.
Upon the shore....alone I stand.
I can only gaze and blink,
It hurts to feel....it hurts to think.
So, I'll just leave it in His hands,
For all things bow to His command.

The wind, the sunshine on my face,
These elements remain in place.
Please give me strength when I am weak,
in times of struggle and defeat.
The battle isn't mine, I know
Give me the grace to just let go.

Karen Shaw Matteson

There is enough light for those who desire to see,
and enough darkness for those of a contrary disposition.
~ Blaise Pascal

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