Artwork of Thomas Kinkade Who Can Know

Who can know what a day will bring?
Songs and laughter or tears and rain
When I think that all is said and done
I find it's only just begun

I cannot live on hopes and dreams
For things aren't always as they seem
But still I need to feel there's more
That lies beyond the open door

Like autumn leaves that fall and die
No answers come from asking "Why"
There is a plan laid out for me
That will decide my destiny

Come with me as I walk this road
Our journey's end we cannot know
I'll be there when the others leave
I have faith, and courage to believe

The questions echo in the night
But fade as dawn brings forth her light
All things will pass, but on I go
The rhyme and reason? Well, who can know?

Karen Shaw Matteson

I learn by going where I have to go.
~Theodore Roethke

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