What MattersArtwork by Lee Russov

What matters is that you will
Stay when they go
That you'll never forsake me
This is what I must know

I can't live on promises
Or intentions so fine
I need to know truly
Will you always be mine?


A rare thing to find love
That's unselfish and true
My fingers are crossed
Could that someone be you?

When mistakes keep me falling
Into places so dark
May the light of your love
Show me where I should start


I'm willing to be there
For you all the while
To share heartaches and laughter
Giving back smile for smile

To the world I am nothing
But to you I'm a star
I'm here waiting for you
Let me know where you are.

Karen Shaw Matteson

To be nobody-but-yourself--in a
world which is doing its best, night
and day, to make you everybody
else--means to fight the hardest battle
which any human can fight;
and never stop fighting.

~~e.e. cummings

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