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The Thread

There's a thread that binds us together
And keeps us close in thought
It's made of minutes and hours we spend
Not things that can be made or bought

It's the hug at the end of a trying day
Or a card that says that I still care
The warm silence of a listening friend
When I've had more than I could bear


It's the telephone call I didn't expect
Just to know what the doctor said
Or the joke you send that makes me smile
When I was ready to cry instead

It's forgiveness when I've said the wrong thing
Or haven't written in days
A reassuring glance when I'm feeling afraid
And you sit here and don't go away


The helping hand and the recipe
For your favorite casserole dish
When company's coming and I'm out of ideas
You answer an unspoken wish

It's the simple kindness of a caring heart
That is patient and full of goodwill
This thread that binds us heart to heart
Is gently woven with invisible steel

Karen Shaw Matteson

Man never made any material
as resilient as the human spirit.
~ Bern Williams ~

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