The Spinster

The Spinster

She lived a solitary life
For the Great War claimed her love
The ring he gave before he left
Was tucked in a velvet glove

It was a very simple life
Her flat was quite austere
A pound or two would come her way
From her sisters she held dear

Her memories were tended well
So many years had flown
Since that dark, unlucky day
Her dreams died at Battle Somme

One night she blew the candles out
It would be the very last time
For a voice came calling in the night
"Come with me, sweet love of mine."

A sister came to pack things up
Not much there to give one pause
A box of costume jewelry
Was donated to a worthy cause

The sister kept the velvet glove
And some plastic cameos
For sentiment's sake, a copper chain
That looked cheap and rather old

These trinkets remained in a wooden box
Until one day she made a vow
She'd clean up that old copper chain
That would make her sister proud

Off she went to the jeweler's shop
Wearing the sparkling chain
It caught his eye with one sharp glance
"May I please see that, Mrs. Lane?"

He looked up from his monacle
"You surely have this chain insured?
It's finely made and purest gold
Worth thousands I am sure."

Oh yes, the cameos were real
Quite rare, such quality!
Mrs. Lane remembered with a start
The box sent to charity!

The velvet glove's still tucked away
But the ring inside is gone
You see when the spinster's love returned
He took her hand and slipped it on

Be careful what you cast aside
Because the trappings aren't so nice
Beneath an unassuming exterior
May be a treasure beyond price

Karen Shaw Matteson

It is love, not reason, that is stronger than death.

~Thomas Mann~

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