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Inside these ordinary walls
I have a window with a view
It's there I watch the seasons change
There's always something new

My thoughts dance through the corridors
Of the present and the past
These musings weave a tapestry
As I go about each task

I don't linger on what might have been
Those moments slipped away
As time brought challenges to me
I've learned to bend and sway

Some days begin with sunlight
Filtering through the trees
The morning dew begins to dry
The delicate green leaves

The things that I must do today
Are calling now to me
They are the mortar and the bricks
That form my life's reality

The unrelenting flow of life
Passes by my windowpane
And the thought that rings so clear, so true
Is that some things never change

Karen Shaw Matteson

Gratitude is born
in hearts that take time
to count up past mercies.
~ Charles Edward Jefferson

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