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Musings for 2003

How's Your Heart?

Valentine's Day is almost here. People will spend countless dollars on chocolates and roses. Fantastic! My only concern is why don't we send these things to the ones we love more often? It doesn't have to be a dozen roses or Godiva Chocolates. The art of romance isn't a science...but I think it's greatly nurtured by the unexpected gesture. I am thinking the people in my life who mean so much to me are entitled to some special treatment. Yes, I love Valentine's Day. It's not good to assume people know what you mean to them. I have never regretted telling anyone I loved them or that I cared about them. I might not get another chance, so why not tell them while we're both here? ~ Giving is always good for the heart.......and a heart that can't give isn't healthy. My prescription is......a dozen roses and a box of chocolates sent immediately to someone you'd miss terribly if they weren't here. They need to know. Now. ~ Shine on........Karen

Karen Shaw Matteson

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