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Question: How do I print just one recipe?

Answer: Copy and paste the recipe into Notepad or Wordpad. Highlight the text you want to copy by placing your mouse cursor at the beginning of the text. Drag the cursor to the end of the text. Release the mouse button and the selected text will be highlighted blue. Press CTRL then C on the keyboard.

Click on Start/Program/Accessories and open a new Notepad or Wordpad. Press CRTL then V on the keyboard. The text you copied should appear and you can now print the recipe from this window.


Question: How do I send your poems to friends and family?

Answer: Each poem page has a gray bar to click on. Fill in the email address of the person and click send. Or you can choose to email the page using your mailing program. In the Address Bar, highlight the page address (ie:, copy and paste the address into your email. Copy and paste directions above.

Question: When I use your send a friend form, it is full of the old addresses I have used before. How can I change this and send it to only one friend?

Answer: Highlight the address you want to remove with your mouse. Press Delete on the keyboard. This will delete the name and you can add a new one.

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