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Home For Christmas

I always go home at Christmas
It's the place that I love best
I feel I belong and oh, it's so warm
A place I can linger and rest

I long to feel those arms around me
My father and brother and mom
It's a sweet memory as real as can be
Running barefoot to the tree right at dawn


I was thrilled with the visit from Santa
He left a stocking at the foot of my bed
I had waited so late for his arrival
But somehow I'd missed it instead!

I learned much of the spirit of giving
As I purchased small presents each year
Wrapping each one myself I felt so much joy
Offering something to those I held dear


At church there were apples and oranges
Passed out after the Nativity play
The clear sound of everyone singing
Of the birth of the Savior this day

I cannot forget the true meaning
The reason behind all this love
Christmas isn't just about presents
It's about light coming down from above


The years may slip by far too quickly
Yet I'm thankful for all that I have
I just have to go back and visit
Precious moments that make my heart glad

Karen Shaw Matteson

Love so easily understands
What you can see is the smallest part;
You don't need Christmas in your hands
When you have Christmas in your heart.

~ Unknown


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