I won't forget I love you
A thing like that can't be
In all this time you surely know
Our compatibility

Our laughter and our heartaches
Have forged a bond so true
I may forget the day, the time
But I won't forget about you

One lifetime we're alloted
And then eternity
So in these fleeting moments
Remember me, remember me

Your voice is like pure sunshine
And brings an instant smile
I may forget the month or year
But not your wit and style

Our song has not yet ended
But if that day should come
I won't forget you were there with me
On this road called Life I'm on

Karen Shaw Matteson

Great is the power of might and mind,
But only love can make us kind
And all we are or hope to be.
Is empty pride and vanity.
If love is not a part of all,
The greatest man is very small!

~~ Helen Steiner Rice

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