Artwork by Mark Murray


A house in the country
A cottage by the sea
A townhouse in the city
What a splendid fantasy!


A chef to do the cooking
A maid to clean the house
A gardener tending to the weeds
Now I must think of something else!


A closet filled with finery
A jewel box filled with gold
Works of art upon the wall
Rare treasures by the load!


Several bank accounts in Switzerland
A few more here and there
A plastic card that buys the world
And takes me anywhere


The talented and mighty
Send invitations to my door
I have the ear of the greatest minds
And admirers by the score


I'm staring in the mirror
My eyes are at half mast
Why is it when the good dreams come
They never seem to last?


I shuffle to the kitchen
And make a cup of tea
What's for breafast you may wonder?
A large plate of reality!

Karen Shaw Matteson

Existence would be intorerable if we were never to dream.
~ Anatole France ~

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