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A harsh wind was blowing
As I leaned against the post
And watched the airplane leaving
For another coast

I closed my eyes and thought about
The time we had to share
You're going off beyond my grasp
But I feel you everywhere

Remembering soft whispers
And secrets we confessed
This special time was ours alone
But parting is the test

I'll try to think of Wednesday
We walked in foggy dawn
The coffee. hot and steaming
And so we traveled on

Our footsteps echoed down the lane
So empty at that hour
Gray clouds were gathering overhead
It looked like a spring shower

For those few days the world was ours
No schedules and no clocks
But now I face reality
And long for what I've lost

Karen Shaw Matteson

You never really leave
a place you love.
Part of it you take
with you, leaving a part
of you behind

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