Artwork of Robert Williams

A place where peace is evident
And smiles are met with smiles
Hostility is rare and even then,
It's handled with tact and style

Where words of trust are solid
And promises are met
Where values are held in high regard
Goodness rendered without debt

A place where folks walk freely
Free of worry and of fear
Where laughter reigns and frowns are few
And there are only happy tears

Children play here in the twilight
Unafraid and full of joy
And loving hands are always there
To soothe each girl and boy

I gaze into the distance
Deep in reverie
I'm wishing now, an ideal world
Would become reality

Karen Shaw Matteson

There is not a heart but
has it's moments of longing,
yearning for something better,
nobler, holier than it knows now.

~Henry Ward Beecher

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