Artwork by Karol B. Wyckoff

I'm making every sort of dish
Especially for you
The linen is all starched and ironed
But there's much more I must do

My china needs to be hand washed
But I don't mind a bit
I'm polishing the silver up
I'm in too deep to quit!

Fresh flowers on the table
Tapered candles on the side
I've washed the curtains, mopped the floor
Wish they had a vacuum you could ride!

I've gathered wood, so neatly stacked
Just right outside the door
I want a lovely blazing fire
But, oh my back is sore

I hope Aunt Sue and Cousin Mae
Won't argue about the past
And maybe Dad and Uncle Fred
Will patch up that old spat!

The turkey will be brown and moist
I've bought an electric knife
So silly waiting all these years
To make it easier to slice

I've taped my list up on the fridge
Of things that must be done
At first it was a little list
But now it's very long!

I think I've done all that I can
To welcome all my guests
The friends and family that I have
Will visit, eat, and rest

I hope they'll notice what I've done
No, I don't expect their praise
It's just my way of showing them
A love that words can't say

When everyone has said good-bye
And the fire is burning low
I'll count my blessings, one by one
And feel the warmth down to my soul

Karen Shaw Matteson

Happiness is having a large, loving,
caring, close-knit family in another city.

~ George Burns, 1896 - 1996

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