Artwork of  Jim Warren

Come and take a walk with me
The temperature seems fine
It's warm and just a touch of wind
'Cause I hear my old windchimes

This day was very peaceful
I just gardened and drank tea
Did you notice how that tree has grown?
You know I planted it from seed

The sun feels good, but not too hot
Like this early afternoon
I swear I couldn't help myself
Took a nap in my sunroom!

I'm glad the winter's over
And it rained a lot this spring
Sure enough, I thought it would never end
But summer's finally here again!

Let's walk back to the house
And sit out on the porch
Looks like this sunset's going to be
Lit up just like a torch

I'm sure glad you stopped on by
And took this walk with me
Back at the house there's chocolate pie
Plenty there for company!

Karen Shaw Matteson

Times go so fast
Life asks so much
No wonder friends
Get out of touch.
But in our hearts
Deep, true, unseen
Friendship stays
Forever green.


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