Artwork by Karol B Wyckoff

Solitary Walk

I gather up my jacket
Today I'm on my own
It's time to take a walk around
The place that I call home

The trees cast cooling shadows
I stop to linger on the path
I notice window boxes full
Of geraniums that last

I feel the past around me
Those souls who once walked here
Their stories and their very dreams
Seem close and very clear

My footsteps join the others
And oneday I will find
Mine are echoing beyond this place
We measure out in time

Right now I soak the sun's bright rays
And I skip instead of walk
I know I'm feeling history
If only walls could talk!

Karen Shaw Matteson

One cannot be creative without being out there and alone;
the extent of the aloneness depends on the extent of the creativity.
The more creative the act, the more completely alone one is.
~Charles F. Wetherall

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