Artwork by Richard Schmid

Roses In Winter

Trouble comes knocking
Like a stinging cold wind
And the door must be answered
I wonder how he got in?

I locked all the gates
And built fences of stone
Thinking he might pass by me
And leave me alone

I sealed all the windows
Reinforced all the locks
Thinking somehow I'd keep out
This unwelcome guest when he knocks

I know all of my efforts
Were so futile and small
For Trouble never rests
And he comes to us all

There is just one safe harbor
For a soul tired and grim
And He stands there and knocks
Will I please let Him in?

He has arms of compassion
And holds me so fast
With a steadfast devotion
He gives me love that will last

Like roses in winter
He brings me comfort and hope
So when trouble comes knocking
I find a way I can cope

This world has no treasure
That can't be lost in a day
He offers treasures eternal
That won't pass away

When the snow seems so deep
And the earth looks so bare
He's like roses in winter
Yes, my friend, He's still there

Karen Shaw Matteson

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that
within me there lay an invincible summer.

~ Albert Camus

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