Artwork of Jim Warren

Rainbow Heart

I think I'll pick some flowers
Mom likes the pink ones best
Oh my, I saw a butterfly
And a bluebird in it's nest!

I wonder what this color is?
Is it purple or is it blue?
Oh well, I'll pick it anyway
It's so shiny with the dew

My hands are getting cold now
I wish I'd worn my gloves
Hey look there goes a ladybug
Those things my brother loves!

I think mom's baking cookies
I smelled them when I left
She probably wants me home now
Oh look, a place to sit

My shoes are getting muddy
It sure did rain last night
What's that off in the distance?
A many colored stripe

The colors make me happy
Even though some clouds are dark
I think I'll take that rainbow
And keep it in my heart

Karen Shaw Matteson

God is the sunshine
that warms us, the rain
that melts the frost and
waters young plants.
The presence of God is
a climate of strong and
bracing love, always there.

~ Joan Arnold

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