Artwork of Susan Savad

It's warmer than a summer's day
And chases all my blues away
It gives me courage when I'm weak
And helps me find the words to speak

Your strength is evident to me
A haven of serenity!
Do you realize what power you have,
To give me hope when I am sad?

I share with you my heart and mind
And a devotion of the lasting kind
Do you see it in the stars at night
That break the darkness with their light?

If I could make your dreams come true
I'd grant them one by one for you
Does this begin to let you know,
How much I've come to need you so?

Your caring ways have made me see
We are two souls in harmony
I wonder if you are aware
You're the answer to my deepest prayer?

Karen Shaw Matteson

Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle...
rather a beautiful reminder of just
how strong true love can be.


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Artwork Susan Savad,
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