Artwork of Karol B.Wyckoff

Freedom To Try

My father gave me many things
His dimple and his smile
The way I learned to look at life
I watched him all the while

He praised each little victory
"Was it really all that good?"
To see the look within his eyes
Made me do the best I could

I watched the way he treated folks
With kindness and with tact
A quality I found was rare
But sadly, that's a fact

When I felt I couldn't go another
Step along the path
He told me to press on, and so
I did, not looking back

His faith in me made possible
The wings that helped me fly
It started with one simple thing;
The freedom just to try

Karen Shaw Matteson

When I think of those who have
influenced my life the most,
I think not of the great but of the good.

~~John Knox

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