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Christmas Eve Memory

The presents wrapped in pretty paper
Scattered underneath the tree
It won't be long until Santa shows up
With a thing or two for me

Mom's left a dish of ribbon candy
And some cocoa in a cup
I know old Santa's tired of cookies
Gee, I hope she's left enough


Dad got the strings of lights all sorted
Although he had to fix a few
Our drapes are open every evening
It makes our house seem all brand new

My brother Roddy's checked the closets
He says our presents must be hid
I only know on Christmas morning
I like what Santa brings instead


I said my line right in the church play
I gave a quarter to Red Cross
I said my prayers twice every evening
You think I've said them quite enough?

We went downtown to Bruener's window
And saw Santa's workshop come to life
It just gets better every Christmas
I wait all year for that one night


I wiped the frost off of my window
My bestfriend Carol lives next door
I see her light's out, bet she's sleeping
I'll wait a couple minutes more

I hear my mom and dad still talking
I guess I'd better get in bed
I just can't wait no more for Santa
Maybe I'll say my prayers instead

Karen Shaw Matteson

Bless us Lord, this Christmas, with quietness of mind;
Teach us to be patient and always to be kind.
--Helen Steiner Rice

Christmas--that magic blanket that wraps itself about us,
that something so intangible that it is like a fragrance.
It may weave a spell of nostalgia. Christmas may be a day of feasting,
or of prayer, but always it will be a day of remembrance--
a day in which we think of everything we have ever loved.
--Augusta E. Rundel


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