A Heart So True

A Heart So True

I cannot offer pure perfection
For I sometimes lose my way
But I will always be the one
Who'll listen to your day

I can't light up all your darkness
For I do not have the power
But I can share a laugh or two
To brighten up the hour

I can't offer untold riches
Of the monetary kind
But there are other treasures
Like a sweet and gentle mind

I can't answer all your questions
But I'll share what I have found
And I'll be that special person
Who'll strive not to let you down

I can't offer you perfection
That's beyond my power to do
The most precious thing that I can give
Is a heart that's always true

Karen Shaw Matteson

How grave is my condition,
for I cannot find the words to say,
I need you so.

~ Sarah MacLachlan

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